Why fuck you gently, VMware?

Wanted to login to VCSA via web. Password expired, didn’t explicit ask you to ever expire one of my fucking passwords, fuck you.

Tried to connect via SSH, as root, worked, but no fucking shell yet, fuck you.

Logged in, forced to change my fucking root password by root, so basically by myself, didn’t ask you to force me change my fucking password, fuck you.

To change the fucking password, have to type it again, you are stupid, fuck you.

New password is too simple, despite having fucking 16 chars, lowercase, uppercase and even fucking numbers, fuck you.

Added a fucking “!” at the end, worked, fuck. Again, you are stupid and fuck you.

Now in, wanted to set my fucking password again to my old one. So, after typing it twice, fucking password has been already used, fuck you. Again, added one “!” at the end, worked, fuck you. You are more stupid than I assumed.

This is MY fucking installation, I set the fucking rules, fucking passwords, fucking expiration dates, and fucking difficulty levels, but only when I want it. If I want to fucking log in with “xxx” as fucking password, then, fuck again, it is my fucking right to do so the fucking next 10 years. Fuck you, VMware!

Last updated on 2022:12:26 at 00:29 UTC

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