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The Icom IC-R30 is a dc-to-daylight-and-beyond portable receiver and scanner. It is also waterproof, has Bluetooth and many memories sorted in banks. Black and white display, not very best, but it’s OK. Dual receive, dual recording and rudimentary spectrum analyser complete the range of functions.

Frequency calibration

I found out, while receiving SSB on shortwave (for what I mostly use my IC-R30), that the receiver is somehow off-frequency. All stations had to be tuned near the frequency they were on other calibrated receivers. Mine was 140Hz too low on 40m. If yours is also off-frequency, you can adjust it easily. So I searched for service manual, but found none. Anyway, I found a way to align it without service manual. The way is as follows.

  • Put an shortcut mono jack plug into the SP connector.
  • While holding down MENU, QUICK and SQL, turn the power on.
  • Adjusting values with DIAL, then ENTER confirms.
  • You should be in the service menu.

REF1 and REF2 are the only items to change. Don’t change anything without special equipment. First, WRITE DOWN the values for REF1 and REF2, mine were:

REF1: 71(old) 86(new)
REF2: 8B(old) 8B(new,unchanged)
(yours will vary!)

Find a strong (broadcast) station on shortwave, tune on VFO A, frequency as high as possible. Switch to USB. Notice the frequency offset.

Go into the service menu, adjust a small step of REF1 (for VFO A). Then switch off, switch on, tune again to the frequency and check. Repeat until you are exactly on frequency. I used my IC-7600 for this purpose, connected to a dummy load. After that, you should have your IC-R30 exactly on frequency.

It is only possible to adjust VFO A / REF1 without any measure instruments. VFO B / REF2 should be adjusted, if you have a strong signal source above 30MHz. The procedure is the same. Again, write down the values BEFORE you begin.

Video of my IC-R30 before the adjustment

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  1. Excellent. My IC-R30 is on frequency but this is very good information for future reference. Thank you

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