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The Icom IC-7600 has been unveiled at the Tokyo Hamfair in August 2008. The DSP based HF/50 MHz 100W transceiver keeps the best of IC-756PROIII with the look and convenience of IC-7xxx series rigs.

My MIC Settings

I am using the SM-50 and also the original “Japan” HM-36 with the 3-pin mic element. Both work approximately the same good way with this settings. Only the equalizer has to be changed for SM-50, because it has much more bass.

I do use the compressor, mostly in “wide” setting. Compression level is 7. Both “comp on” and “comp off” setting is wide (for both mics).

My audio settings on the image below. Change SSB TX Tone (Bass) to +2 on HM-36. You can also change it to 0 with SM-50, but then press the “LOW CUT” switch on it.

Frequency calibration

First, let the transceiver warm up in your usual conditions. Then, go to menu and choose:

Menu -> ACC -> scroll all way down -> REF Adjust

Change to WWV to zero-beat on best receivable frequency, or get an external calibrated signal generator. Use the widest filter in SSB with headphones, then adjust the setting for slowest beat. If you can’t zero-beat with the menu, you will have to open the transceiver and coarse adjust the internal reference oscillator first.

Noise blanker

This transceiver has a very good noise blanker, but the standard setting is not blanking enough and disturbing the signal at the same time. You can easily fully wipe out over-horizont radars having signals about S9+20dB, resulting in quiet S4-S5. To get my settings, long-press NB, then set following:

  • NB Level: 80%
  • NB Depth: 3
  • NB Width: 100

With this settings, there will be no distortion, but many QRM will be filtered, and that even very good.

Noise reduction

I do use the NR functionality, together with NB. My NR pot is set to 9 o’clock. That’s enough to lower the noise, but not to change any voice.

Videos of the NB with my settings

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