Pimping old Juniper hardware

If you want a decent JunOS on a SRX with some speed, like 10Gbit/s, then you need much money or some upgraded old hardware stuff.

SRX650, RAM upgrade, can only use 2GB RAM, it does recognize more, but is capped at 2GB. In mine, there was 4 RAM slots, only 1 in use, with one 2GB module. More does not work, as it is capped at boot time.

SRX650, puting second (same) routing engine crashes the first RE at boot, does not work, although the second RE flashes some LEDs at power on.

SRX-GP-2XE-SFPP-TX 2-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet XPIM Plug-In Module, works only in SRX650 and only with Junos 12.3, in SRX550 should work with Junos 12.3, but does not, tested very well. So, this card works only with SRX650 and Junos 12.3, nothing more works, even when the card is recognized, the ports are dead.

SRX550 RAM upgrade, can recognize up to 8GB, but only 4GB works. Standard SRX550 has 2GB RAM and 2GB CF, 4GB RAM and 4/8GB CF possible and works.

SRX550 HM, works with Junos 20.4, more to test. Standard has 4GB RAM and 8GB CF.

SRX650 in packet-mode, with 10G interfaces, at 4.83Gbit/s with 68% load, so somewhere 7Gbit/s is possible. The 20G slot for 2x 10G interfaces can only transfer aprox. 7Gbit/s, Juniper says.

SRX550 in flow-mode, with 4x 1G interfaces, at 2.5Gbit/s with 63% load, so aprox. 3.5-4Gbit/s is possible.

SRX650 can’t use LACP with the onboard ports, and also no LLDP. Both SRX550 and SRX650 have problems with LLDP.

Last updated on 2024:03:05 at 23:31 UTC

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