View 500MHz on Tektronix TDS380

This is how the old good Tektronix TDS380 acquires a 500MHz signal from Marconi Instruments 2031 signal generator. Very stable, calm trigger and display. No jumping around, albeit using 16x averaging.

And this is a picture of how 800MHz signal looks on the same scope.

And, last image is, the same setup, but a 1GHz signal, same scope.

Max freq of test equipment

Many measuring devices have a maximum frequency up to which they work correctly, as stated by the manufacturer. Above that frequency they don’t just stop working, rather they still have a range above where they still may work correctly, just aren’t as sensitive. Many oscilloscopes, for example, can work up to twice their bandwidth, but the measured amplitudes are not more than some random numbers. You can still see the waveform, but not do any meaningful measurements.

ManufacturerModelInputStated freqWorks freq
Agilent53181ACH1225 MHz400 MHz
CH23 GHzsure 2.7 GHz
Philips6654A120 MHz160 MHz
C1.5 GHz1.81 GHz
TektronixTDS380CH1400 MHz820 MHz
CH2400 MHz640 MHz
HamegHM1507-3CH1150 MHz250 MHz
CH2150 MHz260 MHz
HamegHM8021-2A1 GHz1.09 GHz
B150 MHz180 MHz
HamegHM8021-3A150 MHz240 MHz
C1 GHz1.47 GHz
HamegHM8021-3A150 MHz240 MHz
C1,6 GHzsure 2.7 GHz
HamegHM8021-4A150 MHz170 MHz
C1.6 GHzsure 2.7 GHz
Philips6611A80 MHz110 MHz
Oscilloscope: max triggered freq / Counter: max precise counted freq

Signal generator used: Marconi Instruments 2031.
Settings: output level +13dBm, frequency step 10MHz.