Drin im Philips PM6652C Zähler

Diesmal hat es einen Philips PM6652C Frequenzzähler erwischt, war offen, also dachte ich: warum nicht gleich fotografieren? Man sieht gut in der Mitte den PM9678B TCXO und den fehlenden PM9610/PM9619 Prescaler für Eingang C.

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Max freq of test equipment

Many measuring devices have a maximum frequency up to which they work correctly, as stated by the manufacturer. Above that frequency they don’t just stop working, rather they still have a range above where they still may work correctly, just aren’t as sensitive. Many oscilloscopes, for example, can work up to twice their bandwidth, but the measured amplitudes are not more than some random numbers. You can still see the waveform, but not do any meaningful measurements.

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