Symmetricom Rubidium Standard

This precious thing allows me to connect my GPSDO and have very stable 10MHz output, so all test equipment can use it as reference. The GPSDO itself provides very stable frequency, but has “only” an OCXO inside. So, long-time stability comes from GPS, but now short-time stablility also comes from the rubidium standard and not from the OCXO anymore. So more long- and short-time stability!

Actually this is a DOCSIS Timing Interface device. But, you can use it as 10MHz Rubidium Standard, because an X72 from Symmetricom is built in. There is also 10MHz reference input, which can be connected to GPSDO. So, the internal rubidium standard will be adjusted to the external 10MHz from GPSDO thus resulting in stable and clean 10MHz out of the rubidium oscillator.

And… having an atomic clock at home is really cool ;)

Last updated on 2022:12:20 at 01:25 UTC

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